[git-buildpackage] Summary of gbp BoF at Debconf 16

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Fri Jul 8 15:01:14 CEST 2016


Here's a short summary of the git-buildpackage skills exchange at
Debconf16[1]: Please correct/add as you see fit:

= Git-buildpackage skills exchange =

Last years BoF summary:

Toolbox for Debian packages in Git
* Importing upstream tarballs
* Building
* Changelog generation
* debian/patches handling
* Helpers: clone, pull, import-dsc{,s}, create-remote-repo

Changes in 0.8.0
Currently in experimental

* additional aka multiple tarball support
* import-orig rolls back changes on errors
* rpm support: buildpackage-rpm(1), rpm-ch(1), mock
  (most of this from Markus Lehtonen)
* doc updates
* README.source example

Proposed new defaults for 0.9.0
* Switch to DEP14 branch layout by default (#829444)?

        master   → debian/sid
        upstream → upstream/latest

  (the other parts of DEP14 are already addressed)
  Reference: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep14/
  → Yes!

* import-orig: Switch to --merge-mode=replace by default (#700411)?
  → Yes!

* Use debian/changelog more:
     * Imply --git-ignore-new with UNRELEASED
     * Imply --git-debian-branch=vendor/dist-from-changelog
     * Make --git-dist=DEP14 the default
  → Yes!

* pq; make --no-patch-numbers the default
  → Yes

* Why is pristine-tar not default?
  —> should be from now on! -> Switch also and make pristine-tar
  a dependency

Other topics discussed / skills exchanged
* Filtering
   * uscan can filter the upstream release tar (debian/copyright) -
     preferred (via gbp import orig --uscan)
   * gbp import-orig can filter the upstream release tar (--filter --filter-pristine-tar)
* gbp clone can also fetch the pristine-tar branch (with --pristine-tar)
* gbp buildpackage --git-pristine-tar-commit puts back the pristine-tar
  data after generating the tarball (if necessary) with
* pq --no-patch-numbers lets you omit number in the patch format in patch queues
* How about a command gbp tag <commit>
  * working essentially like gbp buildpackage --git-tag --git-tag-only
    (i.e. respecting the defined tag format, version taken from the
     changelog) - no bug filed yet
* Preserving DEP-3 headers by gbp is still a wish (#785274)
* Nothing has happened regarding dgit <-> gbp integration during last
  debconf on either end

Thanks to everybody who attended for his input!
 -- Guido

[1]: https://debconf16.debconf.org/talks/132/

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