[git-buildpackage] gbp-dch commit message order

Stephan Skrodzki skrodzki at stevekist.de
Tue Dec 28 13:26:14 CET 2021

As I am not really working with tags, I rebuild the changelog for every 
new package release from scratch. The version I set is 
major-minor-YYYYMMDDHHMMSS e.g. 0.2-20211228124024

Now as I see, the git log messages are added to the changelog in time 
order, so at the and, the oldest message is on the top.

If I understand right, this could be avoided by setting tags for each 
new version and then only update the changelog. But even inside the 
updates, I'd say, that the reverse updated order would be more useful?

To get the behaviour intended (at least for me) I have commented out
commits.reverse() in the dch.py script. Would it make sense to have this 
at least optional with a switch?


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