[git-buildpackage] [ANNOUNCE] git-buildpackage 0.9.14

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Thu Mar 21 10:54:50 CET 2019

I'm happy to announce the release of git-buildpackage 0.9.14:


Here's a list of changes:

git-buildpackage (0.9.14) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Michael Prokop ]
  * [4142928] docs: update examples for pristine-tar usage, requiring commit
    (Closes: #919677)

  [ Roberto C. Sánchez ]
  * [d3f67c8] docs: Fix typo

  [ Gabriel Filion ]
  * [34b9da1] Disable PGP signatures when retrieving list of commits
    (Closes: #923087)

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * [3e3458f] setup.py: Move version parser into setup.py.
    This makes sure it ends up in the sdist tarball.

  [ Simon McVittie ]
  * [74669f0] Dep3Patch: Ignore MIME headers.
    Otherwise, if we import a patch containing non-ASCII characters exported
    by `gbp pq export` or `git format-patch` using DEP-3 syntax, we'd
    misinterpret these fields as semantically significant and copy them into
    pseudo-headers, causing them to be duplicated in the commit's long
    description. (Closes: #924478)

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release. As usual the
package is available via Debian unstable:


 -- Guido
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