[git-buildpackage] [ANNOUNCE] git-buildpackage 0.9.0~exp3

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Thu Aug 10 20:50:35 CEST 2017

I'm happy to announce the relesae of git-buildpackage 0.9.0~exp3:


Here's a list of changes:

git-buildpackage (0.9.0~exp3) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * [ce76320] doc: properly mark filter as repeatable in the gbp-import-dsc
  * [01a4a7f] dch: support passing arbitrary dch command line options
    (Closes: #596513, #682854)
  * [f208a0b] import_orig: use a more gittish commit message.
    When replacing the debian/ dir don't used past tense and
    keep the subject more like git-merge. (Closes: #867214)
  * [3e4e795] buildpackage: don't prepare any tarballs in overlay mode.
    They're not in git so we fail otherwise
  * [66138d9] buildpackage: pass the proper tarball dir for overlays.
    We want to look for tarballs in tarball dir (if specified) not the output
  * [da42f70] buildpackge: add test for overlay mode
  * [b71a89e] export: print names of generated tarballs when using
    pristine-tar so we get as much information as with git-archive.
  * [3ff0fc7] pristine-tar: properly separate additional tarballs by spaces

  [ Maximiliano Curia ]
  * [a20047b] export_source: replace orig_file with
    source.upstream_tarball_name orig_file was dropped in

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release. As usual the
package is available via Debian experimental:


 -- Guido
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