[git-buildpackage] [ANNOUNCE] git-buildpackage 0.8.4

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Tue Sep 27 19:54:05 CEST 2016

I'm happy to announce the relesae of git-buildpackage 0.8.4:


Here's a list of changes:

git-buildpackage (0.8.4) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Maximiliano Curia ]
  * [e615c65] pq: Handle unmerged debian branches. This allows one to import
    the patch-queue branch onto the upstream tag.
    (Closes: #834726)
  * [f6433f9] pq: Ensure we are working in the right git directory.

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * [6909bb1] Unbreak gbp-pq manpage generation
  * flake8 cleaniness
  * [7a7068d] create_remote_repo: allow one to create non bare repositories
    (Closes: #837158)
  * [98cea5f] import_orig: Use gbp.scripts.common.hook
  * [5ff1be8] test_rpm_ch: use GIT_AUTHOR_* env vars.
  * [98ea945] flake8: Ignore rpm related files for now. This makes it easier
    to integrate changes from git-buildpackage-rpm.
  * [3ded91b] Move doc generation and test invocation to separate Makefile
  * [2845359] Switch from pychecker to flake8. The later is maintained and
    has more checks Use '-j1' for now since otherwise we need /dev/shm access
    which fails in a pbuilder chroot with EPERM.
  * [264090e] Rename README to README.md to get Markdown formatting
  * [2809284] dch: document which options can't be set via gbp.conf
  * [2122d8b] dch: document --security
  * [ef7ca4a] config: allow one to specify short options
  * [3feba49] dch: make urgency a config file option so it can be set via
    gbp.conf (Closes: #837680)
  * [fdcee06] dch: add missing short opts to manpage
  * [dbb9623] Unbreak patch delta output broken by "pq: Ensure we are working
    in the right git directory"
  * [3e26d02] Vcs-Git: use https transport
  * [74c7bc0] autopkgtest: Skip build if setuptools is not available
  * [6ec588a] pq: restrict choices of pq-from to 'DEBIAN' and 'TAG'

  [ Markus Lehtonen ]
  * [c6b32c8] Command: redirect stdout/stderr to sys.stdout/stderr.
  * [245b443] tests: capture stderr in buildpackage-rpm unit tests.
    Reduces spurious output from rpmbuild. (Closes: #829690)

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release. As usual the
package is available via Debian unstable:


 -- Guido
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